PostDoc on Demand.

Access a wealth of experience with a minimum cost. Hiring a PostDoc on Demand is the solution to your time and money constraints.

Result Oriented

Before getting started we will meet to discuss your vision, your goals and your work. That way I can deliver the results that you desire.


My workflow is efficient and tailored to your personal needs. Minimum disruption, maximum results.

Drafting & Scripting

I will work on your vision over the next few months of our meeting or an intermediate presentation of results.


If you are early in your career and striving for more, I am available for consultations, guidance and supervision.

Hi, I’m Jan Engler.

I’m a scientist learning how species adapt to a changing world.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about academia and how to succeed in that system. If you struggle with your research – be it as a senior researcher who lacks the time to analyze a nice dataset, or as an early career striving for great supervision – I want to help you. Why? Because I’ve seen these things happening too often. People suffer. I get it. Academia is tough.

The lack of time to finish what you want to finish. The lack of money to turn your ideas into outcomes. The lack of security to land a position that gives you perspective for your private and professional life. The pressure to publish papers and to apply for external funds. I have been through it all - and more.

If you are a senior researcher who needs a PostDoc on Demand, let me show you how I can help you. If you are an early career researcher who needs extra support that your supervisor can’t give, or won’t give, then allow me to be your academic older brother. I am here to help you succeed, contact me to find out how.

Jan Engler

Latest Blogs.

Check out my latest articles and interests below. If you have any topics you would like covered, do not hesitate to contact me directly.

  • We study to earn experience at a specific topic that hopefully will turn into a job afterward. But those of you who study in the sciences also receive profound general academic training. Yet, the student’s final work – the master thesis – is often written in ways that are detached from academic reality. If we want

  • “One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” - John C. Maxwell

  • “Something on this list will not be done well” In December last year, I was reading a tweet by Bryan Dewsbury that still resonates with me. It lists all the activities and obligations a scientist need to do in order to do a good job as well as living healthy and be socially engaging (you can

  • “The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” - Steven Spielberg

  • Have you ever experienced a situation where you thought that your supervisor raised too high expectations? Likely he does that to push you out of your comfort zone. That’s good because that’s where improvement happens. Where expertise is built. Where we fail and grow. Ideally. However, he could be biased to his standard while ignoring

- Germany -

He always takes time to listen patiently to my musings and concerns as a young researcher. To most of these he can relate and give helpful advice from his own experience.

- Spain -

What makes Jan a good mentor is his passion for sharing skills, knowledge, and expertise. He takes the necessary time to empower you to develop your strengths and personal talent.

- Belgium -

He taught me that science is about many different abilities than only about studying textbooks and then reciting them to a professor

- Austria -

He has the unique ability to ask the right questions, which will slowly lead people to find their own solutions and strategies, reflecting their personality and skills.

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